Monday, May 09, 2005

Convictions in the Philly Corruption Case!!!

I am so happy that I just had to get this news out to my dear readers. I am sure that I will return to this, and drop lots of links, but for now, the basics will have to suffice. The jury in the federal pay-to-play trial found former city Treasurer Corey Kemp and two Commerce bank executives, Glenn Holck and Stephen Umbrell, guilty. Kemp is guilty of 27 counts, becoming the highest ranking official convicted so far in the city corruption investigation. There is more to come, as the jury will continue to meet to decide on the remaining charges, in particular those dealing with Ron White's mistress, Janice Knight.

This is a definitive moment in the city's history, and I hope that we will look back in future years as a turning point for a better, fairer and more modern Philly.


Friedman said...

It's great news. Next time we hire a Mayor, let's make sure it's somebody who wouldn't tolerate this kind of nonsense.

McStallen said...

Corey Kemp is small potatoes. They're much bigger fish to fry in Philadelphia.