Wednesday, November 26, 2008

B Beat Girls - Hearts A Hurricane

Eye of the Hurricane

B Beat Girls, "Hearts A Hurricane (Vocal)" (YSI link)

B Beat Girls, "Hearts A Hurricane (Dub)"
(YSI link)

During the break, I've begun to dip my toe back into the hip-hop waters, although I still can't say I'm hearing much new stuff that interests me (get at me and let me know what I'm missing currently). However, my love for the early days has only gotten deeper, as I'm becoming obsessed with those late 70s/early 80s tunes when rap came into being. What's most exciting about is to hear the days when rap was so open to dance and electronic music, where it was trying to find its legs.

This B Beat Girls track, "Hearts A Hurricane," is a great example of this period, with the girls rapping over a classic electro instrumental complete with weirdo synths that give it that necessary futuristic sound. I really like the raps on this one, but it's the sung refrain that I love. Gives it a bit of a freestyle feel and makes things much catchier than you would expect. As always, you get the dub for those who favor less vocals. Yeah!

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crowdrock said...

nice find!

definitely my kinda stuff.