Monday, September 08, 2008

The Karate Kid OST

Karate Kid poster

Broken Edge, "No Shelter" (YSI link)

Commuter, "Young Hearts" (YSI link)

Joe Esposito, "You're The Best"
(YSI link)

While I'm talking videos, I got to put a few tracks from the soundtrack to what I believe is arguably the greatest movie ever made, The Karate Kid. While films like Citizen Kane or Breathless or Some Like It Hot can make a claim for revolutionizing cinema, there has never two hours of pure, inspiring magic like the story of Daniel Larusso and his improbable rise to karate stardom. I honestly could discuss this movie for hours, as its images are branded into my brain - the beach scene (including the bizarre part where Ali with an i randomly kicks the soccer ball away right before the Cobra Kais show up), Daniel punching the shit out of the kid during soccer practice, the Halloween dance, the training, catching the fly with chopsticks, the crane kick and most of all, the worst mother in the history of movies (she moves across the country to become a manager at a shitty restaurant and lets her son hang out with a 60 year old janitor all the time. I mean, seriously? WTF?).

What takes it to even greater heights is that the soundtrack, which features truly rad, new wave-y tunes that add to each scene. It's an awesome collection of tunes, just the right amount of synths and cheese and emotional lyrics, 11 tracks total. Do you know how amazing this CD is? They left out one of the greatest 80s tunes, Banarama's "Cruel Summer," and this thing still kills. I've put up my three favorites from the soundtrack, classic songs that you need in your life right now. In particular, I want to call attention to Commuter's "Young Hearts," which blows me away. The first person who comments and names the scenes where these 3 songs feature will win a free copy of this CD.

Karate Kid

Mang, if that picture doesn't give you goosebumps, then there ain't no reason to keep on livin'. When Miyagi gives him that little quick double nod when he sees Daniel-San go into the crane, that's what cinema is all about.

For those of you who haven't seen this movie due to being raised by wolves, head over to Hulu right now and catch it in its entirety. Or buy your own copy, as I have done, to put a little extra gelt in the pockets of Billy Zabka, the great Martin Kove and Ralph Macchio. To go a little deeper, I recommend this site that bills itself as the #1 site for The Karate Kid Movies (which is technically true, as there are no other ones dedicated to the movie). Here's a picture of Ralph Macchio from this summer, looking almost exactly the same. Here's a video directed by the one and only William Zabka for No More Kings' "Sweep The Leg" (check the guys at the table in the trailer - it's the fucking Cobra Kais! So gully!) I believe there's only person in the world who loves this movie more and that's Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy; he has brilliantly summed up "the greatest sports trilogy" for your entertainment.

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