Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ed Rec Vol. 3

Ed Rec Vol III

Mr Oizo, "Minuteman's Pulse" (YSI link)

DJ Mehdi, "Pocket Piano" (YSI link)

Let's stay in Paris but turn our attention to the present in the City Of Lights. The one label that's synonymous with all the rebirth of electronic music there is Ed Banger, a label that has consistently put out some of the best music over the past few years. I've been on the bandwagon since early on (shout out to Project Matt and Lauren Flax for bringing the label to NYC a long time ago before everyone and their mother got into these guys) and it's been exciting to watch them assume global dominance in such a short time.

They are back again in a big way with the release of the Ed Rec Volume 3 compilation, featuring new and unreleased tracks from the label's stable of producers. You know the big names - Justice, Busy P, Uffie - they're all represented here. But, it's that second level, imo, that makes the label so special, those unassuming names that consistently put out interesting tracks. Guys like Mr Oizo and DJ Mehdi don't get the recognition that the others get, mainly because they haven't dropped an anthem like the more famous indie dance acts have. I don't think the two tracks above are going to change that, but they are still rad as hell and show subtle tweaks to the Ed Banger sound. Mr Oizo drops a chopped-up tune, "Minuteman's Palace," with awesome horn melody, a female computer voice, lasers and stuterring drums. He's bringing back that futuristic vision for electro, I do say. Mehdi goes in the complete opposite direction on "Pocket Piano" with a nice, disco-y track that lets things develop. The congos and pianos are not what you expect on this compilation, which is a good thing; even better, it doesn't have a "look at me, I'm doing something different" vibe either. There's also big tracks by Justice, a heavy metal banger by SebastiAn, a great Uffie song that doesn't sound like what you'd expect and a lot more.

Grab your copy today at Turntable Lab, a great chance for everyone who doesn't buy vinyl to show some support to a great label. We'll come back to France soon, but next up we go back to the old New York. Tune in and turn out.

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