Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Return of Pound for Pound

Terminator Stencil

The title and stencil say it all. Pound for Pound will be back in the next few days. Expect the usual mix of gay disco, gayer house, Miami bass, big boobs, ghettotech, ghetto house, acieed!, jack trax, Scarlett Johannson references, no wave, new wave, early rap, the unremembered 70s, and 80s, Morrissey love. In other words, the same old, same old. Oh, but how good that same old is, yafeelme?

I have missed all of you immensely and hope that we'll quickly become required reading again. Yeah! Pound for Pound! America! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

About fuckin time!

Anonymous said...

Yeah you've been missed

Anonymous said...

been checking every week to see if there'd be anything new, nice to know its back up and running!

Sauron said...

Oh! Nice blog! Till you didn't returned yet. I'll check the rest of materials here :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Pound for Pound! London!
All the best,

Dimitry said...

jack is back!!

Anonymous said...

At last! We gonna get the story on where you been??

How do I get on your blogroll fella? Whats a guy gotta do?

Find me here: http://therecommender.wordpress.com

All the best,