Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DJ Shadow - Miami Bass Mix

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow, Miami Bass mix on Radio 1 September 9, 1998 (YSI link)

I've uploaded this DJ set before, but it seemed like a good one to re-up for anyone who missed out the first time and get us all caught up on what goes down here.

This one's pretty essential, a half-hour Miami bass radio set by the one and only DJ Shadow. He did this for the Radio 1 Evening Sessions program, hosted by Steve Lamacq, I believe. You get a nice intro to the Miami sound, which is normally associated with genres that came later like ghettohouse and funk carioca into the booty category. Shadow's set should remind us all how Miami bass has its roots in hip-hop, fitting considering Shadow is one of the most respected and talented names in the game. You'll notice lots of scratching, real raps (not repetitive samples like ghettohouse, say) and that trademark filthiness that set rap free to be as nasty as it wanted to be. There's also the higher tempo and sustained kicks, for those looking to get a blueprint for the sound.

I can't say I'm a huge Shadow fan, but this is a great mix for my ears. He gives each track room to develop, doesn't force the action to jam more songs in, plays a lot of hard-to-hear cuts. This will be the soundtrack to your summer afternoon party jams, if you know what's good for you. Enjoy, much more Miami bass to come this summer. Yeah!

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