Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ivy Queen

Ivy Queen, Guillaera

Ivy Queen, Tuya Soy

Ivy Queen, Quiero Saber

Ivy Queen, Tu No Puedes (remix)

Ivy Queen, Quiero Bailar

Okay, this one's for the ladies. Reggaeton is often referred to as Spanish hip hop. While I think that is a stupid, condescending tag, there are similarities. One unfortunate one is the lack of female artists on the mic (or behind the boards or in the boardroom). It is rare to see female reggaeton stars, which is not surprising considering the dearth of women in hip hop's much-longer history.

The exception to this rule is Ivy Queen, the First Lady of reggaeton, La Reina de Reggaeton. She succeeds in this man's world, as she is one of the most popular, respected artists in the genre. I am not sure what the perception of her is with the hardcore fans, if she is seen as a sort of a token figure or what. Having heard her albums and mixtape appearances, I believe that she has earned her lofty position. I mean, it's not like reggaeton, dancehall or hip hop are incredibly PC or open to women's voices. They usually have to have skills better than the average guy in order to get a listen, if you know what I mean.

Above are a few mp3s from her album, Platinum Edition Diva, which is all the proof that you need that Ivy is for real. While I feel like she could do better in the album name game, these songs are heat. She comes more from the Daddy Yankee school (which I am attending in the fall incidently) with aggressive songs that are made for the dancefloor or for bumping in your car. Her lyrical style matches the music, as she projects the rough, gangsta bitch image. Actually, she seems to be following the template for women in hip-hop, bringing the gangsta shit with the occasional softer, feminine songs. While the format is tired, her songs, talents and lyrics stack up with any woman making hip hop in America.

The first two tracks are the two most popular off of the album, getting the video treatment and all. The last three tracks are remixes only on the Platinum Edition of her best-selling and most-acclaimed album, Diva. Let us know what you think of these ones, as we are nearing the end of our look at reggaeton (for now). Stay tuned for Don Omar.

-Speaking of divas, say it ain't so, T.O. I mean, really, say that this ridiculous mess you have created isn't really happening. Say it was really just a stunt to pass the summer away. Tell me that you will report to camp, and honor the contract you signed last year (!!!!). You remember last year, when your team went to Super Bowl XXXIX and lost by three points. When you had the city of Philadelphia and Eagles fans in your hands, you have ruined that, proving yourself to be an obnoxious, ignorant (see quote below) individual. I hope that the Philadelphia Eagles do not budge, but I would imagine that Terrell Owens will talk his way out of town. I can't add much to Phil Sheridan's piece from the Sunday Inquirer, as he discusses the idiocy of this plan, or lack thereof, for Owens and his agent Drew Rosenhaus. Go here, here and here (for godsakes, you pissed off Mormons!) for some better rants on Owens and his recent behavior. I will add that I am thinking of sitting out, as well, unless more fucking people live comments on this blog. Don't test my gangsta, people!

-Quote of the week: “At the end of the day, I don’t have to worry about what people think of me, whether they hate me or not. People hated on Jesus. They threw stones at him and tried to kill him, so how can I complain or worry about what people think?” --Terrell Owens, talking about Jesus Christ or Nas, I'm not totally sure.

-Quote of the week (runner-up): "You've got to score to win." --Charlie Manuel, Phillies coach, presumably auditioning for the role of Sherlock in "No shit Sherlock." I think that he has the part. [via thebmrant]

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