Friday, December 05, 2008

Please Help Dylan! Pug! Friends! $!

How can you not help this little guy out?!?

No, this is not a request to help out Mr. Bob Dylan. It's much more important, as a little dog needs the help of the Pound for Pound masses. Little Dylan, pictured above, developed a possible brain infection Wednesday afternoon and his devoted owners, Alana and Dimitry, took him to the ER at the New York Medical Center, where he underwent tests. He's going to make it, which is great news, as the vet was able to figure out that there was nothing wrong neurologically and he is back home where he belongs. There is a chance he will need surgery on his leg down the road, however, but everything's ok now. Check out Alana's blog for the whole story and all of the photos mom has taken of her babies.

However, this is an insanely expensive process, so Dimitry and Alana need our help. Head to the bottom of this post and donate a few dollars through their paypal account. It's tough times out there, but this is a good cause and these are two of the best people I know in NYC. Let's do what we can, as I know there are lots of readers and who doesn't love pets and know what it's like to do whatever we can to help them out. Let's do this people! Get well Dylan! Yeah!

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