Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lil' Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme - B Boy Style

Lil' Jazzy jay & Cool Supreme - B Boys Style

Lil' Jazzy Jay and Cool Supreme, "B Boy Style (club vocal)" (YSI link)

Lil' Jazzy Jay and Cool Supreme, "B Boy Style (dub instrumental)"
(YSI link)

Yes, yes, more electro rap from the early days! I can't get enough of this stuff right now, so clean and stripped down, love it. Lil' Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme are everything I love, those flashes that come into the musical world, make a quick mark and disappear forever, a little moment of divine inspiration that makes a small ripple on the music surface that we pick up years later.

The duo was actually producer Rae Cerrano (Cool Supreme) and John Byas (Jazzy Jay) and they dropped this single on Easy Street Records in 1985. This one's so dope, you will immediately be transported back to the 80s, hanging in a park with a boombox, a group of breakers and a large group of friends all dressed in too-short shorts and Kangols. I mean, there's vocoder vocals and nice freestlye female ones! Two for two! You also get some nice synths, a tinkling piano keys, lots of scratches and a cold, hard beat. Add in Jazzy Jay's raps and you have a personal favorite. For those who want to take out the raps, head to the dub instrumental version, which gives you just the female refrain and lots more scratching. Trust me, you need this one. B boys! B girls! Yeah!

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