Thursday, December 04, 2008

Greg Wilson Edits

greg wilson

D.C. LaRue, "DC Le Groove (GW Edit)" (YSI link)

Talking Heads, "Gotta Tape I Wanna Play"
(YSI link)

I've been meaning to up some more recent music, but as a sign of where my head is at, the only thing I really felt a NEED to put up right now was these edits of old songs by Greg Wilson. Doh! Give these two edits a listen though and you will lose any doubts or complaints that this shit ain't the truth.

The first one, "DC Le Groove," is completely new to me, a re-edit of D.C. LaRue's "Ca-The-Drals." Unfortunately, I can't really say what Wilson has done to this one or how far he strays from the original, but I will simply that this song in and of itself is amazing, a funkified disco stomper that makes the world seem better. It starts off with bass and guitar, some percussion comes in and things start chugging along. Then, every 30 seconds or so you get a great blast of strings and horn noise, which evaporates quickly, leaving you back with the guitar, bass and drums.

The next one should be instantaneously recognized by Talking Heads fans (who isn't a TH fan?!?) as an edit of "Psycho Killer" from the Stop Making Sense soundtrack. Wilson has created a nice extended drum-heavy opening that makes this one dancefloor-ready. It doesn't sound to my ears like he's done a whole lot to the original, which comes in with David Byrne's "Hi, gotta tape I wanna play you" intro. The original features only Byrne, his guitar and the "tape," i.e. drum machine that provides the beat. Wilson adds more percussion, but mostly let's this amazing song breathe.

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