Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Friendly Fires - Paris

Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires, "Paris (Aeroplane remix)" (YSI link) 320

"I promise, someday, we're gonna live in Paris." How could I not love this song with a lyric like that and a remix by new disco kings Aeroplane. We're in the midst of horrible rainy/snowy weather here in NYC right now, so it's nice to have this cosmic and sunny remix to remind us that the summer is coming around again. Just listen to those warm keys and handclaps and tell me you don't see yourself on an beach on some isolated island watching the sun rise. Add in re-done vocals by Au Revoir Simone that add an air of the wistful and you have a winner. Things do pick up around the 4 and a half minute mark, as the vocals drop out and the drums kick harder and the synths starting shooting fire. It's much more banger than Balearic, which I ain't mad at.

This one's dedicated to my cosmic girl JH-B, who had a law school exam today. I sent good thoughts and cosmic tunes her way all day!

Everyone is flipping over the Justin Kohncke remix on the B side, making this a real serious 12". Grab your copy at Turntable Lab and also make sure to pick up the original stuff in the form of the Friendly Fire's first self-titled LP. This sort of indie dance stuff is pretty saturated right now, but these UK guys are definitely pushing through the clutter.


Anonymous said...

aeroplane's remixes are so good. i think a hypothetical compilation of all their recent remixes would be a contender for my album of the year. and that's not even including the amazing single they did with kathy diamond.

Jess said...

one down, two to go! poco a poco.

Anonymous said...

Great band, Great DJ, Great remix!

I had their tune, 'White Diamonds', on my post about the 'Best tracks of 2008'.

(Find that pst on my blog here -

Haven't heard from you in ages Jack...