Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control remixes


The Gossip, "Standing In The Way of Control (Soulwax Nite version)"
(YSI link)

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way of Control (Le Tigre mix)"
(YSI link)

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way of Control (Playgroup mix)" (YSI link)

Okay, enough of Bob Dylan. It's time to get back to the present and one of the hottest singles of the year and possibly the one with the most remixes. 8 in total, 6 different remixers. It's ironic that I'm looking at a song called "Standing In The Way Of Control," as I can't even count the number things of standing in my way right now. On the real, I'm like a few seconds a way from some sort of breakdown. I saw two kittens in a lot today and broke down and wept on the sidewalk. Okay, that didn't happen, but I did talk to them for like 5 minutes and passersby were real creeped out.

The Gossip don't make me sad. In fact, they make me very happy, knowing that there is such a passionate, talented band out there still putting out good music despite never quite getting the love and acclaim they deserve. Maybe this single will help change that, as it should bring their music to the dance kids. My personal fave is the Playgroup mix, the one that really creates something new. You get bongos, a few nice breakdowns, a siren-like bass, the vocals work well, a really great tune. Le Tigre meets The Gossio, you're thinking you'll get some riot-grrl, punk steez. You would be wrong, as instead it's a reserved house track. Soulwax Nite Versions keep it on the rock side

-XXXChange and Catchdubs at 205 Chrystie tonight

-Check out Posterati, an amazing old movie poster site. It's not cheap, but some of the stuff is so dope that you need to spend a little extra.

-A few quick thoughts on the Modular party Saturday night. First, the Williamsburg White Room is an amazing space; it's like being in some modern art museum, with minimal decor, straight lines, angles, etc. Second, please leave your fucking cameras at home New York City. We get it, everyone wants to be on some web site the next day, but I shouldn't have 10 people climbing over my back to take a picture of a band or the person standing at the front of the stage. Here's an idea, dance and enjoy the music. Finally, the DJ who spun in between sets absolutely fucking killed it. I didn't see any mention of her name, although I am told it was only her second gig. If she reads this, please get at me as I need you to DJ with me ASAP. Thanks.


fitforuse said...


la decadanse

i think

my last mix starts off with two versions of Standing..


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the Gossip remixes. Only just seem to be breaking over here in the UK but I expect big things of them. Cheers.