Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Trocadero

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Honeybear" (thanks to TA for making this choice)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Cheated Hearts"

Gosh, whatta show! So good that it has me saying "Gosh"! For real, this one totally exceeded all of my expectations. I considered selling my tickets in advance, have been sick for the past few days and hadn't really given the new album much of a listen. Definitely not the recipe for a fun night out, let alone a revelatory experience. But, honestly, it kinda was. I have always considered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a bit overrated. I've never really thought their albums have been anything spectacular, never understood the appeal of Karen O, felt like they took the attention away from too many more deserving bands.

Mang, was I wrong. From the first notes of "Gold Lion," the YYYs just fucking killed it. They are an amazing live band, so much louder and punkier than they have come across on wax. I mean, during one song, I really thought that Mike Patton or the bol from The Boredoms got up on stage with all of the screaming and vocal noise. They sounded so much louder and out of countrol than I expected, and the show went so smoothly-- they are much better musicians than you realize. The thought that came away with me from the show was that this seems like the type of band that we will be talking about when we are older. They bridge so many gaps, between indie and popular, between men and women, between convential and experimental. They seem like the type of band that can become so much bigger, that has room to grow beyond the confines of the blogs, Williamsburg, indie snobbery, etc.

The driving force behind this theory is Karen O. I feel bad for the other two members of the band, because they are just background when she is on stage. She is a bonafide superstar, completely magnetic. I watched her for the entire show, even staring offstage when she walked off during a song. We already know she's a fashion icon, rocking the looks that girls in Brooklyn and Philly haven't considered yet. But, she's also an incredibly talented singer, able to sing a ballad or scream like a banshee. During the show, I felt like she was a mixture of Bjork and Jenny Lewis, a more popular version of the former and crazier version of the latter.

As for the album, it's a good one. It seems to me to have what their previous two efforts don't: consistency. There's no really clunker on this album, although there isn't anything as great as "Maps" either. It's just a good album, with a few standout tracks, including "Gold Lion," which everyone and their mother has heard, and the tracks above. It seems like the perfect album for this moment, as it seems perfect for introducing them to a bigger audience, which will allow them to make some real gelt. We'll see, I guess. Buy the album here, as it's less than 10 bucks.

Lots of great YYY stuff on the blogs. to die by your side has a few live songs from their Washington D.C. gig that was broadcast on NPR. The Smudge of Ashen Fluff has their song on Letterman from last week. EAR FARM has a concert from 1993 in Germany. Mars Needs Guitars and gorilla vs. bear has the Nick Zinner remix of "Gold Lion." Neiles Life helps you check out much of the album to make sure wanna buy it. However, the creme de la creme comes from m3 online again, as they have The Faint's remix of "Y Control." Awesome, and reminds me that I need to up some Faint ASAP.

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