Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ghostface Killah - Fish Scale

Ghostface Killah (ft. Raekwon), "Kilo"

Ghostface Killah (ft. Trife), "Be Easy"

Ghostface Killah, "Run (Ratatat remix)"

Spring is here, motherfuckers, yeah! The people are out, there's less clothing on the ladies, the tables are out on the sidewalks, Rittenhouse Square is jumping. My favorite time of the year, sorry Fall. No better to celebrate than with the most anticipated hip hop album of the year and an early frontrunner for album of the year, Ghostface Killah's Fish Scale. You've probably already heard about this one for weeks, so I won't drone on and say the shit that every other blogger has already said.

It's amazing, another classic in the Wu Tang history. I must add one sour note to the mix though, as I really don't think this is better than Supreme Clientele. I feel like there is so much hype going with this one, but can't understand why that album slipped through the cracks. Or is it that people have slowly come to appreciate that album and aren't caught off-guard by this one? Ahh, whatever, no sense in getting worked up on this, as it's nice to have a great hip hop album out and getting the attention it deserves.

It's funny, as this album seems so perfect for the warm weather, those soul samples, great R&B refrains, and Ghost's tumbling, effortless rhymes fit perfectly. Listen to the wah-wah guitar on "Kilo" that sounds like it came right out of a blaxploitation flick. Add the gorgeous female vocals on the drug weight refrain and you have magic. Go here and buy the album, then get outside!

The album is so different than the other music that seems so perfect for now, Miami bass and booty music. Those electro beats, chants and simple rhymes, those crisp drums couldn't be further from Fish Scale. Well, we'll have to dig back into the Miami bass crates next week and let y'all decide. I really can't wait, as I have so much shit on lockstash it's ridiculous.

-Neiles Life, So Much Silence and disco-not-disco all have some of the other great tracks from the album and assorted Ghostface goodies.

-Check out this welcome to the weekend post...

-The Philly Film Festival started yesterday and lasts for the next two weeks. There's a ridiculous amount of films going on, so check the schedule out for shows and showtimes. The Philadelphia City Paper has a nice look at this week's films, as does the Philly Weekly.

-In more good news for the Philly arts community, the state delivered a check for $25 million to help with the move of the Barnes Museum to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the city. This is a huge step to making that avenue a world-renowned arts site and the city an even more lively place.

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