Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Music Never Stopped

Time to take a little breather from all of the Grateful Dead stuff, focus on some great music and sites talking about that music. We will have a few more posts on the Dead front coming, taking a look at the connection between the Dead and one of Pound for Pound's earlier foci, Bob Dylan. Then, hopefully, by next week, this will become an official mp3 site with a server, unlimited access to the songs I upload, a nice look and a better, faster, harder, stronger me. No more yousendit! No more file expired! Yeah!

-First things first. Go and grab this month's installment from the amazing lemon-red mix series, featuring all 3 DJs behind The Rub. DJs Cosmo Baker, Ayres and Eleven each provide a mix; it's an amazing amount of music and a real high bar to clear from now on for Chris.

-Have you heard all the buzz about The Knife's new album Silent Shout, but you're pissed that there is no U.S. release planned yet? Well, you can put it all together if you look in the right places. [Via gorilla vs. bear]

-No Frontin', Just Music and blogs are for dogs has a leaked track from the upcoming Flaming Lips album, At War With the Mystics, one of the most anticipated of the year. rbally has an FM broadcast of a Flaming Lips concert from '96 (or possibly earlier). It's good stuff, coming from the period before Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi before I got down.

-The BM Rant has their the indispensable Philly concert list up. I'mma definitely be at the Jenny Lewis, Artic Monkeys and Silver Jews, which are all sell-outs and R5 Productions. I'll also be copping tickets to the Of Montreal, Animal Collective, Art Brut and Wolf Parade shows, as I continue to cement my hipster, music snob credentials. Any other shows people are hitting up? I'll have a brief review of The National Eye/Like Moving Insects/Spinto Band show from this past Friday at the Khyber, without pictures unfortunately.

-A new addition to the links list at the right, Yeti Don't Dance, has a nice listing of upcoming NYC shows of interest (Man Man, The Go! Team, ones listed above). Beyond that, it's a great source for indie music info, mp3s, tours, etc. Best of all, Jerry Yeti recommended the National Eye show in Philly, which I attended without any guidance.

-Grab new tracks from the upcoming Hot Chip album at Fluxblog and Palms Sound Out. You should also grab the new one from The Streets over at Fluxblog, along with some Talking Heads rarities.

-Thanks to the ever-grindin' MC, this amazing music resource called Pandora was brought to my attention, created by the people behind the Music Genome Project. Basically, you type in a favorite band or song, and they come back to you with other stuff you might like. Great for hearing a favorite's influences and contemporaries who you may not have heard or had the confidence to check out.


Jennings said...

Thanks for the shout.

Jack said...

No problem, mang. Great site, look forward to linking much more often.